Fantastic Zelda amiibo collector statue

Nintendo’s Amiibo Collector figurines are more than just collectibles as they also allow you to get additional rewards and abilities in Nintendo games and not just those in the license. Today, we bring you those for Zelda and Célestrier.

legend of zelda sword skywardGreat remaster

the game legend of zelda sword skyward It was a huge hit when it was released in 2011. Nintendo Wiiand others Big In I decided to do a Reformation from him on converts Bringing its share of new features (graphic improvements, content addition, gameplay improvements, etc.). It was released in July 2021 on the mixed console, and the publisher also introduced a new version amiibo statue It is the last one we offer you.

This is the princess Zelda beside him Celester Stroking on the underside of the beak. This statue is full of authentic details that give it a lot of charm and rests on a small easel. In the game, you are allowed to alternate between heaven and earth at any time. to order It happens here. For those who are still playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Or whoever collects Amiibo, there is also Bokoblin.

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