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Communication via WhatsApp is already a part of everyday life for all of us. Talking with family, friends and co-workers through the app is a daily task, mainly due to the amount of tasks that can be done with this tool.

Sharing the real-time location is one of the most used functionality of the app, and although the Meta-owned app has tried to maintain the highest level of security possible in terms of using its platform, there are always ways to breach the security of an app.

Regardless of the reason, at some point we have to share our location with someone, but we may not be entirely convinced to show it. In case you need to share your location but don’t want the other person to really know where you are, in that case you can share fake location with any contact in real time.

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Trick to share a fake location on WhatsApp

It is important to clarify that this trick only works with Android devices, as you will need help from an external app to be able to share the fake locations.

However, to follow the trick, you must first download the Fake GPS app on your phone. The app is available on the Android App Store.

The next thing is to open fake GPS And grant it the necessary permissions for it to function properly on the device. Then you will exit the application to enter the settings. Here you will choose the application to simulate the location.

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Later, you will have to choose the Fake GPS app to achieve the real-time location simulation. You’ll press “On” or “On” until the cell phone GPS locates it at that point on the map.

Now what you will do is open WhatsApp and enter the conversation. Click the clip icon and select the location. At the end, you will hit “Real-time location” so that the external application will send the selected location automatically.


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