A video game promoted in China with a huge QR code in the Shanghai sky made by drones

China It is one of the best countries that adapt to it Drones With shows competing for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. But no one has yet done so QR codes For Product Downloads.

Video game developers Princess Connect Re: diving They celebrated the game’s anniversary and released 1500 Drones On the air to show their personalities interacting in the sky.

Onlookers in Shanghai were amazed from start to finish, especially when it’s big QR code That caught their attention. By scanning it with their cell phone, they gained access to the video game’s website and they could download it directly.

QR masters

On China, Use QR codes It was increasing among users, and it became more and more common to see them on the streets in advertisements.

The same srincess Connect Re: diving It was launched in 2020 with QR codes Painted on buildings, becoming a great attraction of interest.

Now, this factor of interest is combined with Drones Devices that have become favorites with tech brands for in-sky advertising.

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