You just installed Windows 11 and you're really regretting it?  Here's how to restore Windows 10
It was released last October Windows 11 It still seems divisive to users. But fortunately, it is possible to a test Latest OS from Microsoft. More precisely, it is possible to return a few days after the update from Windows 10which can be likened to a test.

our colleague Jingfu He explains how to move forward, with only one limitation: Don’t wait two weeks before turning back!


If moving to Windows 11 from Windows 10 didn’t work, you can undo. Microsoft offers an option to restore your old Windows system without losing all your files and programs. The process of attention is only possible for a short time.

Windows 11 deployment started a few days ago. Slowly but surely Microsoft will introduce its new environment to millions of PCs. This big launch doesn’t mean that Windows 10 has expired, been abandoned, or has been suspended. This operating system is still several years away with new feature updates, fixes, and improvements to the software. Windows 10 PC maintenance is guaranteed at least until 2025.

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