The fame of The Legend of Zelda is well established. The first installment of the Breath of The Wild saga left fond memories for fans of the series. The game will clearly breathe new life into the latter, knowing that it is also, for Nintendo, one of the most anticipated games of the decade. Her trailer also revealed two newbies of the least importance… Thus, if the enthusiasm is on the audience’s side, the fun is shared on the part of the team working on it. So much so that she gave, in spite of herself, A window on the date of its issuance

Scheduled release for 2022?

Are there any chances of having a BoTW 2 on hand for the fourth quarter of 2021? For this question, a staff member responsible for the main Nintendo game provided a fairly straightforward guide on the matter. if it was Game prizes He did not leave a new trailer for Breath of The Wild 2, after the one for E3, “November will be the month we play”A Peer Schneider employee reported. Information to be taken with caution, however. However, the game could release on Friday in November, which suggests 4 dates, given that Nintendo is used to releasing its games. Friday.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: An exit window to take with a grain of salt

However, let’s add to that that Nintendo is working hard on some of its projects. We remember for example the first BoTW release, released in 2017, when it was announced in 2011. So it is possible that the team will take their time before releasing it. Enough time to produce a game that meets our expectations. We’ve seen it in the past: a game released too early can sometimes lead to disappointment, as was the case with Cyberpunk 2077, or to a lesser degree, Latest Assassin’s Creed, whose shelf life does not seem to convince fans of the franchise. So all that remains is to see what Nintendo has in store for us…

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