Juventus statement on the European League
Juventus announced that “there is little chance” for the European Premier League (Photo: Reuters)

One by one, many members of a European Premier League It begins to fade within 72 hours of its appearance. she was six English language clubs Those who stepped aside on Tuesday and spurred other entities, such as Inter and Atletico Madrid, to follow in their footsteps. This is why that JuventusShe, a loyal advocate of the project, had to issue a statement to express her position.

In a letter posted on its website, the Italian entity indicated that it was recognizing Massive leak Of their peers, although these exits have not yet been legally implemented. “The club demonstrates presence Taking into account the requests and intentions expressed by some clubs to withdraw from this projectDespite the failure to complete the procedures stipulated in the agreement between them. ” You are.

The presidential entity Andrea Agnelli He also indicated that he trusted this initiative, although without denying that it would be difficult to implement: “In this context, while Juventus remains convinced of the solidity of the sporting, commercial and legal project, I think there is Little chance of completing the project In the original form. “

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli admits the difficulty of implementing the European Premier League (Photo: EFE)
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli admits the difficulty of implementing the European Premier League (Photo: EFE)

Specifically, chief old lady He gave an interview hours earlier in which he expressed that it was practically impossible to move forward without Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United, More serious picture without Atletico Madrid, Inter and AC Milan.

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When consulting Reuters In the European Premier League despite losses, Annelie He said “To be honest, no, that’s clearly not the case.”

Not a good start to Wednesday for Juventus, Who not only saw his allies split, but also the club Collapsed in Milan Stock Exchange, With Decrease of over 10% at opening. Action You areWhich on Monday reached its highest point (€ 0.911) after announcing a birth European Premier League, Was bearish on Tuesday (-4.23%) and continues downward today, by -10.37% (to € 0.782), half an hour after opening.

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