What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a fire pit party?

Summer nights? Fireflies glowing? Sparklers and fireworks?

What if I told you that autumn fire pit parties were just as fun as summer ones?

If you’re used to having to host a firepit party exclusively in the summer, it can seem strange to consider a fall party. However, with a few decorating and activity-planning tips, you can host an amazing autumn party and get some extra use out of your fire pit!

Read on to learn some bonfire hosting tips for fall.

Pick a Theme

Planning a theme for your fire pit party can help everyone get in a festive mood.

You can have an outdoor movie night. If you have a clear view of the sky from your yard, you can invite your friends over to see if they can spot any of the newly-appearing autumn constellations. You can keep it classic with a hot dogs and s’mores cookout while you all tell each other spooky stories.

Sending out themed invitations or a specially-created invite message will make your friends feel loved and valued. Plus, it’ll make your fire pit party feel extra special!

Choose the Right Fuel

The correct fuel can make all the difference for your bonfire. If you haven’t yet chosen your fuel with intention when you host a bonfire, now is the time to start.

Many people take whatever kindling and fuel they can find in their backyard, but this can lead to less than desirable effects. For example, using green wood in your kindling or fuel will keep bugs away, but the smoke may drive all your guests away as well. Leaves will start burning quickly, but they also stop burning quickly and lead to a lot of ash floating around in the air.

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When planning a fire pit party during autumn, you have to choose your fuel well. As the night progresses, it’s likely to get chilly, and you’ll want the bonfire to be warm as well as bright.

Cedar wood is an excellent choice because it burns quickly and warmly. Not to mention, burning cedar wood benefits your nose as well. It gives off a pleasant smell while it burns, making it a pleasing and functional choice for your bonfire.


Curating the space around the bonfire is just as important as planning the activities for the party itself.

Decorate your space with yellows, oranges, and reds to celebrate the fall season. Hang string lights and choose fall-themed citronella candles.

If your friends are the crafting types, you can also enlist them to help you decorate! Ask everyone to bring a pumpkin with them to your party, and spend the early part of the evening carving jack-o’-lanterns with each other for you all to admire once it gets dark.

Go Create the Fire Pit Party of Your Dreams!

Use these fire pit party hosting tips to take your autumn bonfire up a notch.

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