Israel-Iran, who actually owns the ship seized by the Pasdaran: who is on board

There are 25 crew members on board the MSC Aries cargo ship, which was seized by the Iranian Pasdaran Company in the Gulf waters. MSC itself announced this in a note. The ship, flying the Portuguese flag, is linked to Zodiac Maritime, a London-based company owned by Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer. But who really owns the merchant ship?

The vessel is chartered to MSC

According to international shipping company Zodiac Maritime in a statement, MSC – a group led by Gianluigi Aponte – is the manager and commercial operator of the detained ship.

An Israeli businessman owns a cargo ship

“MSC is responsible for all activities of the vessel, including shipping operations and maintenance. Gortal Shipping Inc. retains ownership of the vessel as the financier, and the vessel has been chartered to MSC on a long-term basis with Zodiac Maritime,” the company partly owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer said. .

The ship was “attacked” by helicopter

“We regret to confirm this Iranian authorities boarded the MSC Aries ship via helicopter as it transited the Strait of Hormuz“, the group said in a statement.

He added: “There are 25 crew members on board and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure their safety and safe return to the ship.”

Of the 25 crew members, 17 are Indians. The Indian Express newspaper reported, citing official sources, that the New Delhi government is in contact with the Iranian authorities through diplomatic channels to ensure the safety of Indian citizens and their release.

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