Russian oil

Polish pipeline operator Drogba (friendship), for NAnnounced the loss of the second line of infrastructure that transports oil from Russia to meEurope. The cause of the loss is currently unknown. According to the company’s statement, the leak was detected in the western section of Druzhba, about 70 kilometers from the city Blogin Poland.

According to Byrne, the causes of the leak in the pipeline, known as the “Friendship Pipeline” (the nickname referring to times that today seem a distant memory), automation systems detected the leak on one of the two lines of the Western Line. A section of the pipeline, about 70 kilometers from Blok, a Polish city on the banks Vistula. Druzhba is the longest pipeline in the world and carries oil for 4000 km from Russia to Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Germany. So far it has been the main artery for transporting Russian oil – but also the artery produced in Kazakhstan – Towards Europe.

It is clear that alerting all managers is the maximum after what happened Nord Streamwhich is a vital pipeline whose flow was interrupted due to some explosion below Baltic Sea Which has disrupted its functions, probably for many years. In this case, the suspicion is almost certain: it would have been real sabotage, an act of energy warfare using TNT placed underwater by robots. Moscow accuses Ukrainian and Anglo-Saxon intelligence, in the West follows the Russian path. In any case, a blow to Europe that risks remaining more and more frozen over the next few weeks.

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