Google Pay: A safe and effective way to manage money
Google Pay is a safe, simple and effective way to manage your money, giving you a clear picture of your spending and savings:
– Pay at your favorite places
– Send and receive money immediately
– Receive rewards for daily payments
– Understand your expenses and improve your financial health

Pay fast and easy

Send & Receive Money
+ Easily and securely transfer money to friends and family
+ Create a team to send and receive money for trips, dinner, bills, rent and more. Google Pay will help you do the math of who owes what.
+ Money transfers with Google Transfer are instant and free. There is no charge if you use Ash to withdraw funds

Your shared payments will be in the group
+ When you send money with Google Pay, it will be between you and your friends. Only those involved in the transaction will see it.

Pay without contact
Pay with your phone at the place where unrelated payments are accepted. Open it and hold on to the reader.

Connect with your favorite businesses and discover new ones
+ View businesses that have used Google Pay when you open the app. Get quick access to your transactions, credit cards and offers.

Find nearby restaurants and order food
+ No need to switch between different distribution applications. Explore places to eat, look at menus, pick up a few plates or order food for delivery.

Fuel your next adventure
+ Find nearby gas stations, see prices, and pay for refueling. Google Pay will help you to join the reward plans and automatically use the rewards in the pump, so you will always get the best deal.

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Pick up your phone for a ride
+ Pay without contact for transport rides where available. Add a pass or set up a card and then ride using your phone.

Buy online
Use Google Pay to update quickly and securely when you shop on websites and apps.

ON Organize and understand your money

Manage your money
+ View the total balance from all your eligible accounts in one payment application so you always know what’s coming and what’s not.
+ Receive reminders of upcoming bill payments.

Stay on top of your expenses
+ Get weekly summaries, keep track of trends over time, and see what you spend on each business.

All of your transactions
+ With your permission, you can view the activity of the accounts you have linked. Import receipts from Gmail and Google Photos and search for any of them.

M Save and grow your money

Get rewards that you can use right now
+ Get cashback on things like paying and referring to friends. Any money you receive will go straight to your balance, so you can use it immediately.

Double the cashback
+ Activate offers and receive cashback to redeem them – whether you use Google Pay or your plastic card. Even better: Receive double rewards when you redeem with a cashback credit card.

Faith is easy
+ No more registration forms or punch cards. Easily register loyalty and reward programs from the app and allow Google Pay to automatically use points and offers.

Security and control

Recognition for each fee
You must use your fingerprint, pattern, back or face to verify your identity every time you open or pay for the app – you can only pay or send

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Keeping your personal information safe
+ Try a more personalized experience to find the most relevant offers from stores and get suggestions on ways to save. Turn it on or off at any time.
+ Manage and control other privacy settings such as customization and synchronization of contacts from location options and settings

Your cards are encrypted
+ When making a cashless payment with your Android phone, Google Pay shares a unique virtual account number with the business instead of your real card number, so your payment information is secure

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