Queen Letizia of Spain returns to school and is surprised by the details of her appearance

Queen Letizia of Spain kicked off the New Year this Thursday with a celebration of Pasqua Militar, along with her royal husband. Like every year, but with a surprise for this year 2022.

No surprises on the agenda of Queen Letizia of Spain. Like every year, she’s back after the Christmas break, this Thursday, January 6, 2022, with the Pascua Militar. This Military Epiphany is celebrated every year in Madrid on Epiphany Day, and marks the beginning of the military year in the country. This celebration, deeply rooted in Spanish military life, dates back to the reign of King Carlos III, when the latter, on January 6, 1782, recaptured the city of Mahon on the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands from occupied British forces. .

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Therefore, it is not surprising that the king’s wife was at his side, first in the Plaza de la Almudena, where the royal couple were received by the head of government, Pedro Sánchez, and then in the Plaza de la Armeria (Arsenal Square) where the military ceremony was held with a parade of troops, a national anthem and the salutation of one Twenty artillery rounds. As usual, Queen Letizia and King Philip VI joined the royal palace at the reception during which the latter presented medals to various soldiers, and the Minister of Defense also gave a speech.

Letizia has appeared with a new hole

Not surprisingly either, the princesses’ mother Leonor and Sophia opted for a long dress, and chose to appear in a blue Moiret model, accentuated by a wide ribbon belt, which she had never seen before, and tied outside, where it was icy cold, to a short black fur jacket. She had attached to her buttoned bodice a fine brooch of pearls and diamonds sent by the queens of Spain, which had inadvertently slipped on the floor during the ceremony and was picked up by the king on the floor and returned to his wife. It was decorated with white gold, diamond and aquamarine hoops. But it is another jewel that caused a surprise among the Spanish media editors who follow the news and appearances of Queen Letizia. The young woman who will celebrate her fiftieth birthdaye Anniversary in September, she already appeared with a new hole in the left earlobe, consisting of a small silver bead. Unless it’s a diamond. Birthday gift?

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