Light Foo fighters at night in Pa'l Norte

The Seattle-based group played their most popular songs to compensate the royal audience for spending many years coming to Nuevo Leon.

  • By: INFO7 newsroom
  • November 13, 2021 00:32

Written by: Hector Camero

One of the most awaited band, the legendary rock band fu fighters He took the Tecate Light stage after 10 consecutive hours of music.

At point 12:15, Dave Grohl And his musicians started to cheer him up at times like this.

This guy has been followedProtester “y” Learn to Fly with those who The group originated from Seattle He is trying to compensate the royal audience for taking so many years to come to Nuevo Leon for the first time. drummer Taylor Hawkins went out with Striped Training SweaterWhich was praised by many.

Minutes ago, Colombian joans He took the podium and the women rejoiced and Men with their greatest hits.

First he left with songs Vito Bays And Juan Gabriel, to continue with classics such as “Es por ti”, “See you again”, “La Camisa Negra” and others, to close with “Enter Sandman” by Metallica It ends up blowing ears.

before Hey Juans, boost your sense of sublime with Roma They delighted members of the royal family with their distinctive ways.

The former, with their mixture of pop rock and electronics, and the latter, with their own reggae and of course, they close with “Santaria”.

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