Call of Duty Warzone scammers challenge Godmode opponents in the latest anti-fraud initiative •

Call of Duty Warzone now awards all PC Godmode players if the player cheats in the lobby.

As detailed in a new post on the game Official BlogThe Anti-Cheat team has tested a damage mitigation technology called ‘Damage Shield’ that disables a cheater’s ability to inflict massive damage on other players – and now it’s being rolled out all over the world.

The post explains: “This tiny reduction renders the cheater vulnerable to real players and allows the #TeamRICOCHET to collect information on the cheater’s system.” “We track these encounters to make sure there is no way for the game to randomly or accidentally apply armor damage, regardless of skill level.

“To be clear, we will never get involved in a crossfire between law-abiding members of the community.”

The team adds that other mitigating factors are “live and evolving” and they believe the number of fraud reports has decreased, despite acknowledging that “the work was never done”.

“Over time, cheat developers have looked for new ways to exploit the game,” the post adds.

“Some have been successful, others have not. While the recent spike in cheating has not been as high as in Verdansk, our data shows that every spike is frustrating. Our team is constantly monitoring and will do everything in its power to prevent and combat it wherever possible. While combating Cheating is not a silver bullet, this is a fight we are committed to.”

Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season 2 are upon us, bringing with it a host of new map locations and field upgrades, as well as new Warzone modes and events.

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