LoL: Malphite just got a makeover... but besides the Wild Rift

It’s been over a decade since our cherished stake, a monolith sliver also called Malphite, debuted in League of Legends. Since then, he hasn’t moved much, and some of his looks – the oldest ones – have aged very poorly. But this may be about to change. New spray scheme for Obsidian Malphite leather Seen on the Riot Games side…but not in League of Legends. This update was made alongside Wild Rift, the mobile version of MOBA.

Soon a grit update?

It’s too early to get excited, but we can hope that this update, at least on Splasher’s charts, is coming to League of Legends. It should also be noted that the teams working on the PC version and the mobile version of the game are not the same. Some skins will never arrive and vice versa. However, this theme is common to both, so we can legitimately assume that this skin will get an update to its profile (as was the case recently with Annie Gothic).

As you can see above, the life of some splasharts schemes is pretty poor: Clover Malphite, Corallian, Marble and Obsidian. These are the first and newest hero skins of course up to date and not really worth updates (Filibustier, Odyssey or Dark Pulsar).

Despite his seniority, the hero has never lost popularity with players. He is the 69th most popular character (which is an honor considering the rift has 159 heroes) with 7% chose all ranks combined (against 4.2% ban) It displays comfortably win rate 51%. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio gave him (re) some love at the end.

Riot Games didn’t really deliver on their promises. While we were expecting pretty big changes from Master Yi and Seraphine, the latest League of Legends patch was more than nice for these two dynasties – and we’ll have to grind our teeth for a month.

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