Mati Álvarez

Matt Alvarez Not at her best, neither athletic nor image in her post Exathlon All Star.

Since the season began it has shrunk, unlike other seasons in which he has been a winner.

In addition, he suffered an injury in the first weeks which reduced his performance.

On the other hand, his Friendship with Evelyn Bebel He’s been through hard times. They fought in several episodes.

And it seems that in the last elimination there will be controversy, as they confirmed that Mate Alvarez will give a medal to Evelyn Guigaro, which in a certain way causes the person eliminated to be Aristo Cazares, of the red team.

Matti Alvarez and Evelyn Guigaro

The two contenders had never been on the same team before. Evelyn reached the final in the second season and in the fourth edition.

In the end, he lost to Matti Alvarez.

However, both have indicated that they are good friends out of competition.

In the fourth edition, Casandra Ascencio, one of the biggest rivals of both, said that Evelyn and Mati had an alliance.

This aroused many comments among fans, who mainly defended Mate.

Then Cassandra had a serious confrontation with Mate, who was already out of competition, for a prize promised by the double winner of the basketball player Exatlón.

They are more than enemies, and Cassandra and Matty do not tolerate each other.

Now that Matty has supposedly awarded a medal to Evelyn, Cassandra’s fans have responded by saying that she was always right and calling Alvarez a “traitor.”

Versions of Help Mate for Evelyn

There are several versions of the supposed help. One is that Mate considers Evelyn really friendly, and this deserves more than her loyalty to her team, especially since the competition in this version is against everyone, and there will be only one winner.

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Another thing that may be more correct is that Mate Alvarez is a very competitive athlete, does not like to lose, and is sometimes arrogant. It’s easier for her to beat Evelyn than, say, Aristotle Cazares.

Plus, for being the only woman, the level of competition towards the final would go up exponentially for Matty if Evelyn left.

Less believable and which carries a lot of curiosity and ill intentions inside is that Mate is in love with Evelyn Guijarro.

Mate is known to be openly gay and there are people who, in order to harass her, take everything that Exatlón México champion does to that terrain.

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