Europe scandal: the state files a complaint after the administrative report

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After reading the required administrative report after the Ehpad Orpea scandal, the government announced that it was filing a complaint (illustration image).

Abuse – The report will certainly not be made public, but the consequences are there. This Saturday, March 26th, with the voice Brigitte BourguignonThe Minister for Self-Government announced that the state has filed a complaint against private nursing home group Orpea, at the center of a widespread scandal since the publication of “Les Gravediggers”, and that it is demanding public compensation for grants supposedly diverted from its purpose.

He said, “In view of the serious imbalances, we can tell you that the state is filing a complaint and withholding the attorney general” and “we demand a refund” of the public grants allegedly diverted from their purposes, on France Inter Minister Plenipotentiary for the Autonomy of the Elderly, Brigitte Bourguignon.

The investigation report, which was prepared by the Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) and the Social Affairs Report (IGAS) which was confiscated by the government on February 1, points to “significant imbalances in the organization of the group, at the expense of the welfare of the population,” the ministry said in a statement.

work secrets

For six weeks, Brigitte Bourguignon’s letter sets out the IGF and IGAS investigated “on the spot” in ten Ehpad Orpea, and “on documents” before presenting their conclusions to the government. They also denounced the “risk of non-transmission of serious negative events”, and the fact that “food policy does not provide all guarantees to meet the nutritional needs of the population”, but also welcome to “excessive energy” enterprises.

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According to this press release, the report “also confirms the existence of potential year-end discounts for suppliers provided as services, which would have the artificial effect of increasing the cost of publicly funded purchases.” In accounting matters, “presumed infringing practices” should also be denounced.

Government obligations

Cabinet Brigitte Bourguignon told AFP that this report, which had been expected for weeks, would not be made public because it was covered by a “work secrecy”. What was Already announced the day beforeFearfully, one of the executives is behind the disclosure of the group’s practices. On March 11, Health Minister Olivier Veran confirmed that he intended to publish part of this document, and more specifically “all of it, except for what is covered by the confidentiality of the work”.

The investigative book “Les fossoyeurs” was published in February, in which journalist Victor Castagne accused private group Orpea of ​​creating a “system” to improve its profits at the expense of the well-being of residents and employees. , caused a real earthquake within the sector.

However, at the conclusion of the press release, the government indicated that several censorship measures will be taken in the wake of this scandal. In particular, the “widespread control plan by the ARS of 7,500 nursing homes in France within two years”, the strengthening of the role of the population’s families in the day-to-day functioning of these institutions, transparency efforts and the “strengthening” of legal and accounting tools to better control the practices of nursing homes the elderly.

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