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Facelift for religious heritage

In addition to the desecration of Notre Dame, 2022 will be a year of major investments in the religious heritage of Saint Chamonix. After the repair of the interior, work will continue on the Chavanne Chapel with its accessibility in particular. The interior decoration of Saint-Martin-en-Coailleux, in addition to its stained glass, will also have the right to facelifts. The door to the Saint-Pierre Church will be seized. On the other hand, the bell tower will wait until 2023.

The most important work will be the church in the former Minimes Abbey, which became the town hall. In order to be able to reopen this venue to the public, by 2024, the church must be raised to safety and accessibility standards.

Still places to re

The site of Place Louis-Comte has not yet been completed as the municipality is moving to the next location. In 2022, it will be Place Fireside, and a few more streets away is the old town hall in Saint Julian’s. Studies to rehabilitate Freedom Square and Dorian Square will continue, and the stage of consultations with merchants and the general public will begin. Finally, in Fonsala, consultations on the redevelopment of Place d’Île-de-France will conclude. So we must be able to draw the project.

social center moving

The social center will move to Izieux-le Creux. After consultation with relevant stakeholders, the structure will be constructed near the new Andrée-Chedid space (former Verlaine School, editor’s note).

new cameras

About fifteen video security cameras will be deployed during 2022 in order to strengthen the municipality’s land network.

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