When you are in marketing, one of the most valuable assets you have in your network. The more people you know, the more customers you can reach. In other words, whether you are a marketing professional in the field of marketing, a conference or a convention presents a great opportunity to broaden your network. 

The same is valid for marketing students too. Despite acing theory papers, real-life contacts and experience are more important for students to get a job. So, if there is a marketing conference on the weekend, you will want to get some help with your assignments from 

qualified paper writers at WritePaper, so that you have time to attend these events. These can help students uncover new practices in the industry and equip themselves with practical knowledge of the marketing field. 

Moreover, these days, you do not even have to get out of your room to attend a virtual conference. So, here is a list of the most celebrated marketing conferences to attend. 

1. MidWest Digital Marketing Conference – September

MDMC is hosting its marketing event in 2022 in association with the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. The event is set to take place at the college campus in September 2022. There will be four expert panels and a special keynote presentation that will dive onto the hottest marketing topics of the year. 

The conference will be most focused on trends in influencer marketing, TikKot marketing, LinkedIn for B2B marketing, and paid advertising. The conference is held in person and requires a pre-registration, with tickets costing $199 per person. 

2. Content Marketing World Conference – September

The 2022 Content Marketing World Conference and Expo will happen in September in Cleveland. With over 100 sessions, workshops, and forums, this is one of the largest content marketing conferences of today. 

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There are both in-person and virtual experiences available, and the registration fees differ depending on the package you choose. You can customize the experience based on what kind of programs and sessions you want to attend.  

3. Leadscon – March 

Leadscon typically happens in the first quarter of the year and focuses on one of the most crucial parts of marketing – lead generation. So, whether you are trying to market an online course, a service, or a product, this conference can be a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field. 

Top-tier speakers will be conducting sessions discussing how to attract consumers, offer the best customer experience, how to retain consumers, and other outbound strategies. The conference will even discuss aspects such as the role of machine learning and AI in marketing. There are also networking sessions planned, and even better is the fact that the event takes place in Las Vegas. 

4. Digital Summit – Year-Round

Digital Summit conducts several conferences throughout the year in locations spread across the country. These also vary in their formats and the topics discussed. As such, it is one of the most accessible marketing events in the country. 

The panel takes a closer look at different trends, including content marketing, social media, email marketing, SEO, analytics, strategy, and more. Additionally, Digital Summit also offers a good mix of in-person and virtual conferences. 

5. Influencer Marketing World – October and November

Influencer Marketing World conducts events in different cities across the world. In 2022, the first event was held in London in June. The following events will take place in California and Amsterdam in October and November, respectively. Participants will be hearing from global marketing experts working with luxury brands. 

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The price starts from $400 and upwards, depending on the location. Like the other conferences listed here, there are both in-person and virtual experiences. And you will also be able to have on-demand access to the webinars for up to 10 days after the event. 

6. ContentTECH – May to June

The ContentTECH Summit is an event that discusses how to integrate technology into content creation and marketing. It focuses on how to come up with unique content and how to distribute it effectively. 

The convention has a very attractive panel with industry-leading marketing and content experts. The event is sponsored by The Content Marketing Institute and held in San Diego. 

7. Product Marketing Summit – Throughout the Year 

This event offers great learning opportunities for both marketers and business owners. You will be mingling with product designers, as well as have a fantastic networking opportunity. The event has put together a good selection of panels with experts from some of the world’s largest companies and startups. 

The seminars teach about how a business can ensure that the salespeople understand your product, how to drive the usage of the product, and how to use the data to drive informed decision making. There will also be exhibitions and ​​in-person events, and you might even end up with a job opportunity by the end of the event. 

8. Social Talks – June

Social Talks is a free, virtual marketing conference held by the platform Social Insider. The best part is even if you miss the conference, you can watch the replays for free. In 2022, the conference had 15 experts share their knowledge about the digital marketing industry. 

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As you can imagine, these webinars are focused on social media marketing topics. You will also be able to gain insight into client communication, ad strategy, and tips on how to work with influencers. 

Why Should You Attend a Marketing Conference? 

A marketing conference today has many facades. It offers several ways for one to broaden their knowledge. Apart from panel discussions and seminars, you will also be able to connect with others in your field in person. 

Today, these conferences are also where hiring decisions and even partnership decisions are made. Moreover, conference organizers have also started creating enjoyable events that are a good deal of fun. 

The tables with bad coffee and finger snacks are replaced with top-notch espresso machines and craft beer. Also, several planned activities make these conferences not just bearable but something to look forward to. 

So, the next time you get an email about an upcoming marketing event, do not hesitate to sign up.


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