Déménager loin du bureau et télétravailler? Les employés de Google y réfléchiront à deux fois.

At Google, choosing to work remotely is not necessarily a good deal. The American giant has created a system for calculating compensation for its American employees based on their actual workplace.

So employees who decide to work from home can review their salaries according to the cost of living in their place of residence, no longer where their office building is located. A decrease in income that may reach 10 to 15% or more, According to Reuters.

This pay cut particularly affects employees who have so far agreed to take the long commute between their home and office. Thus, note reverberation, « An employee working in a New York building just an hour away by train in Stamford, Connecticut would be paid 15% less if he chose to work remotely “. While that ” At the same time, an employee who chooses to work remotely but lives in the same geographical area as his office will not lose anything ».

Silicon Valley is following suit

This policy change has already prompted some company employees to forgo moving out of town to work remotely.

Other Gafams (Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft) also adjust salary according to the cost of living where their employees reside in order to bring them back to the office. according to BBCEuropean employees of these companies are not affected. ” But the experiences tested in Silicon Valley often tend to generalize to other big companies. ‘, with Reuters.

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