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Google has another surprise in store

Google has another surprise in store
Google Pixel 6 (Image source: Giga)

Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch are to be considered when Google invites Google I/O 2022 next week. In addition to cell phones and smartwatches, the American group can also offer a third product that hardly anyone has on their radar.

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Apple and Samsung show the way: Nowadays, one product is no longer enough, customers expect an entire ecosystem of devices that interact seamlessly. Google has understood this too and is now working hard on its own pixel world. Another newcomer could join in about a week.

Google Pixel Buds Pro is said to be “coming soon”.

Google Pixel Buds Pro will debut soon, reveals well-known insider John Prosser on Twitter. It should be available in four colors: true red, carbon, limoncello, and mist. So Google maintains its own naming system for color variants. Prosser tweeted, “Coming soon.” This actually only leads to the conclusion that the Pixel Buds Pro will be presented at Google I / O 2022, after all, the developer conference will be the perfect preparation for the presentation. Google I/O 2022 begins May 11th.

More details about the new Google headphones are not available. But the ‘Pro’ addon puts one in Better features than the previously available Google Pixel Buds or the cheaper Pixel Buds A Nearby areas. The lack of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is by far the biggest drawback of Google’s Pixel Buds series compared to the competition. So ANC will be a welcome feature in Google Pixel Buds Pro.

You can see the advantages of ANC in action in this video:

Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch are expected to appear at Google I/O 2022

Along the same lines The Pixel 6a is expected to appear at this year’s Google I / O conference Hence a cheaper version of the Pixel 6 series launched last fall. The Pixel 6a is also said to have Google’s own Tensor chip, putting it on par with its more expensive siblings. And the Pixel watch, which was recently forgotten in a restaurant, should also be presented at the developer conference.

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