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Rangers 3-1 AP SC Braga

Goals: Tavernier (2H and 43H) and Ruf (101 .)H) for Rangers // Carmo (83H) for Braga
Parcel: Tormina (43H) and Medeiros (105 .)H) for visitors

Aribo is a beautiful life for adults and children.

Distribution of sweets. Led by Aribo of the Big Nights, Rangers took the road to the Europa League semi-finals by sending off Braga’s Brave Soldiers (3-1, after extra time). The Portuguese, who dominated his head and shoulders, saw Aaron Ramsey’s teammates recover from the first leg after just two minutes. Hitting them a first and then a second time, Carlos Carvalal’s men briefly pulled their heads out of the water at the end of the game before a blue wave quickly swept over them.

A few seconds into kick-off, Joe Aribeau stunned the entire defense by sending James Tavernier with an impressive gesture. The Rangers captain just had to wrap up this wonderful inspiration from the Canadian by scoring the first goal of the match. (1-0, 2H). After a few minutes, Aribo was drawn again. With a Modric-like exterior, served midfielder Kemar Rove who doubled the lead. A goal that was finally canceled after using the video (5H). Never two without three, the man of the match still managed to find the former Leeds resident who saw his head hit the crossbar (33H). It was ultimately necessary to wait for a penalty from Tavernier so that Rangers could take a breather (2-0, 42H)Just before going back to the locker room.

reduced to ten after exclusion of tormina (42HMine Warriors should never return. But now this beautiful Scottish story was too close to turning into a nightmare. In their one and only chance, the Portuguese soldiers bridged the gap from a corner (2-1, 84H) Thanks to a great header from David Carmo. Effective at taking Rangers into overtime, but too fair to allow anything at that level. Unplayable Thursday night, Aribo appeared to give Ruffy the fourth goal of the match (3-1, 101 .)H) And put an end to the dreams of Sporting Braga. Even worse, the Portuguese finished the nines after the logical disqualification of Ori Medeiros for an ugly gesture on the referee (105).H).

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After Dortmund and Red Star Belgrade, Rangers meet with Braga after an exciting confrontation, and thus join Leipzig in the quarter-finals.

Rangers (4-2-3-1): Alan McGregor – Barisic (Balogon 90H+1) Bassey, Goldson, Tavernier – Jack (Camara, 80H), Lundstram – Kent, Ramsay (Wright, 80H), aribo (scaffold, 106)H) – Rove (Warfield, 106H). Bus coach: Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

SC Braga (4-3-3) : Mateus – Fabiano, Tormina, Oliveira, Carmo – Andre Horta (Moura, 46)HMisrati (Lucas Mineiro 100HCastro (sock 106 .)H) – Gomez (Mediros, 61 .)H), Ricardo Horta, Ruiz (Vitina, 61 .).HH). coach bus By: Carlos Carvalhal.

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