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Use videos in . format Instagram It is very wide, all kinds of options are offered: long, short … there is everything. Some users of the social network complain in this section, as it is not at all clear and not easy to find what you are looking for. Well, the company is known to be working on a change that aims to simplify everything.

As an idea, this is a good one because whatever makes using Instagram more convenient and intuitive, whether you’re one of those who post a lot or not, is a positive. Of course, it is not worth anything because there may be surprises that are not particularly positive when making changes of such important depth as the one we are talking about. The truth is that Ramifications Which may not suit everyone’s taste.

Specifically, what a company that is part of the Meta conglomerate looks like that it intends to Convert all posted videos to Reels. Therefore, there will be a unique choice when it comes to this type of content. Undoubtedly simpler, the idea is that the implementation of this option is completed as quickly as possible. So much so that there are already users testing the process. In this way, unless very serious problems are detected, this decision will be implemented in a short time.

This could mean for Instagram creators

As we saw in the previous message – posted by a user who accessed the tests – what is required is Convert all videos to reelsAs we indicated. This will ensure that all of this type of content is in the same place, which is a positive in principle, since everything is central (although it wouldn’t be a bad idea if there was some way to indicate whether it’s a long or short creation, but that’s To Watch).

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But there are clearly important implications in doing so related to Instagram content. We explain ourselves: Reel access allows others Use of what is included by third parties, like the existing soundtrack and even anyone can do a remix with it. This is not the case if the account is private, but the impact of what you upload is significantly less. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if this is maintained because many creators certainly do not see with good eyes that this can happen with more elaborate videos.


Besides, another thing to consider is the trend of the videos, the reels are designed to be posted in vertical. So, for example, if you had an idea to make a tutorial with illustrations and landscape images, what would that look like? Come on, there are questions that need answers so everyone knows how to adapt.

The arrival of this new option

At this moment no a favour Nothing about it, but if the way Instagram works is maintained after summerThis change can be effective. This, in addition, comes to confirm something not so long ago, the head of Instagram said: “This social network is no longer just for sharing photosThe video obviously has more weight… which is what prompted TikTok.


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