NBA All-Star ends in Fortnite: jubilation will become 'emote'

New skins for Fortnite characters, but it’s also a voting center for the NBA celebration that will become an expression in the game.

Fortnite and the NBA It announced a new collaboration, which will bring in-game elements inspired by the 2022 NBA All-Star to battle royal. The 2022 All-Star Championship will take place on Sunday, February 20th in Cleveland, Ohio, and will traditionally include a challenge between the best basketball players in the United States divided into two different teams. This year, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, among others, will be engaged, so there will be some really good guys. This isn’t the first time that NBA and Fortnite have competed together, but this time the initiative has something special…

NBA All-Star invades Fortnite –

By teaming up with the NFL for the Super Bowl, Fortnite has once again filled its object store with “cosmetics,” or items to personalize its champion, athlete and NBA-inspired (old and new). This is how players will be able to buy Jersey with All-Star logo and colors, but also the tracksuit in which the players will arrive on the field before the match. On the 75th anniversary of the American League, Epic Games also thought of something different and special.

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Joy becomes an emotion –

As revealed in the in-game event trailer, Creative will feature NBA 75 All-StarsWhere you can vote for an NBA celebration that will become an expression of the future. It is so popular among gamers, that it in turn inspired celebrations of footballers and other athletes in the real world (Ask for griezmann), emotions are nothing more than celebrations that take place within Fortnite during the game. Now, players will be able to vote for their favorite in a group of three until 4:00 PM on February 23, after which Epic Games will announce the winner on social media.


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