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The Icelandic Civil Protection ordered the evacuation of the city of Grindavk It has a population of 3,500 and is about 60 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavik – Due to the risk of a volcanic eruption linked to the strong earthquakes recorded yesterday. At 11pm local time (midnight Italian time), the National Meteorological Service updated the forecast, no longer ruling out the possibility of this happening. If an eruption occurs, lava can reach the city.

Roads in the area were closed to traffic Blue lakeIt was declared one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country Closed for a week. The Icelandic public broadcaster, Rove, reported that on Yesterday there were intense seismic activities. The US Geophysical Institute (USGS) reported on its website that it was recorded yesterday 12 tremors, the strongest with a magnitude of 5.9. At present, there are no reports of any disturbances at Keflavak International Airport, located 23 kilometers from the city centre.

The danger posed by geologists is that it flows under the city of Grindavik The magma tunnel is about a kilometer deepOpening a crack in the area would also cause very serious damage because the volume of material moving inside the tunnel has increased to an alarming extent and The fracture in the rock at the surface widened by 120 cm In a few hours.

Signs of covert movements are already evident in Grindavik: Distortion of the asphalt of some city streets Due to underground pressure, damage to the canal was observed. Around 6 pm (local time, 7 p.m. Italian time) Underground River Magma also rose to the surface But it also approached the sea. Geologist Arman Hösköldsson, speaking on Icelandic television, said the worst scenario was expected. The appearance of a lava river would cause the destruction of the city.

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