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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, Aug. 19 – Canadian Cardinal Mark Ollet, one of Pope Francis’ most important collaborators, is defending himself. His name ended up in a larger dossier that drew the attention of Canadian justice over alleged abuses committed by the clergy from 1940 until today. A woman accuses him of alleged sexual assault in 2008, during a cocktail party when Ole was Archbishop of Quebec. “Having learned of the false accusations made by the complainant (F.), I vehemently deny – and this is the Cardinal’s reply – that I have made inappropriate gestures towards her person and consider the interpretation and publication of these accusations as sexual defamatory assaults.”

The Cardinal, who leads the delicate circle that cooperates with the Pope in selecting bishops, hopes to be able to defend himself even in court: “If a civil investigation is to be opened, I intend to participate actively so that the truth is and my innocence has been recognized.” (Dealing).

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