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Watch out for counterfeit 2 euro coins, if you have these, you are in danger. So let’s get into the details and find out the tricks to get to know them, in order to avoid nasty surprises.

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Food, clothes, paid parking, coffee at the bar, etc. There are so many times we find ourselves having to get rid of them Money In such a way that it is able to purchase goods and services of various kinds. Moreover, in most cases, we find ourselves having to deal with the rest, often consisting of 1 or 2 Euro coins. Well, focusing on the latter, we invite you to pay maximum attention.

In fact, the carabinieri recently kidnapped the 90 fake 2 euro coins. A story that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s good to know that there are some tricks you can use to get to know it and avoid unpleasant surprises. But what is this? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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Money, watch out for counterfeit 2 euro coins: 45-year-old arrested in Prato

Speaking of counterfeit coins, what happened aroused particular interest the lawn The police arrested a 45-year-old Chinese man. As part of the inspection, in fact, the carabinieri of the Operations Department nucleus – the investigation of Prato was well discovered Ninety Pieces Counterfeit 2 Euro CoinsOr, plus seven grams of “shabu”, or methamphetamine, divided into 6 cellophane bags with pressure closures, and 4,500 in cash, which is supposed to be the proceeds of trading activity. Then all the found materials were seized.

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Money, watch out for counterfeit 2 euro coins: here’s how to identify them

What happened in Prato, then, focuses on an aspect that certainly cannot be underestimated, namely, the unfortunately increasingly massive circulation, fake 2 euro coins. Hence the need and advice to always carry out appropriate examinations to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In this context, in fact, a question automatically arises: how to identify fake 2 euro coins. Well, the carabinieri themselves gave us an answer. As reported by La Nazione, in fact, they explained:

Citizens and businesses can perform a simple and quick check with a small magnet In fact, 1 euro and 2 euro coins are bimetallic and Magnetic inside, while the outside coin is not, so if the coin is genuine, the magnet will only stick to the inside“.

Money, watch out for fake 2 euro coins: some tricks to avoid bad surprises

A few days ago we saw together then It is legal to own written or colored banknotes. However, today we will focus on 2 euro coins. Well, as mentioned earlier, to understand whether it is false or original, you can use a magnet and check if it sticks only inside.

But not only that, it will be interesting to know that there are also other little tricks thanks to which you can learn about fake coins. In particular we recommend Compare it to other currencies of the same category At your disposal, in order to check whether there is anything at first glance that could interest us.

But not only that, it is recommended to check whether Designs and cuts in comfort. If not, it’s good to know it’s fake. It is also recommended to use a file magnifying glass To check the edge of the coin. It must be remembered that the 2 euro coins have a well proportioned raised edge. But not only that, it is possible to notice it written Which varies by country of origin.

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In the event that it is a counterfeit coin, it is very difficult to accurately repeat the writing in question. So it is possible to identify counterfeit 2 euro coins. However, when in doubt, we recommend in any case Contact an expert in the sector, in order to know with certainty whether the coins are fake or genuine.


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