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China announced that it has conducted new military exercises around Taiwan. Ad followsArrived suddenly Yesterday on the island, a delegation from the US Congress headed by Democrat Ed Markey, head of the Asia-Pacific Group of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, 12 days after the meeting presented by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which caused a stern reaction from Beijing.

“On August 15, the Eastern Theater of the People’s Liberation Army organized a joint multi-service combat readiness patrol and combat exercises in the sea and airspace around Taiwan,” the Chinese military said in a statement. Beijing described the exercises as “deterrence” against Washington and Taipei in light of the visit of the US Congressional delegation to the island.

In a note, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian stressed that the presence of US politicians “flagrantly violates the principle of ‘one China’ and the three joint Sino-US contacts, as well as China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Sending a wrong signal to the Taiwan independence separatist forces and exposing the true face of the United States.” As a leader and destroyer of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” Wu Qian reiterates that the island is “from China and no foreign interference is allowed.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin added that China will take “resolute and vigorous measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity” in response to the US mission, which “some US politicians agree with Taiwan’s separatist independence forces in an attempt to challenge the “one China” principle, But it is doomed to fail.”

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