The magnetic north pole is moving very fast: what will happen?

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology has sounded the alarm: the magnetic north pole is moving too fast. Here’s why.

Magnetic North Pole –

News that we can define as disturbing, is the subject of a recent study by Ingv and published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. The north pole of Earth’s magnetic field is moving faster than usual. While the geographic pole has a fixed location, the magnetic pole changes over time. This time, however, his moves appear to be well above what is thought to be the average.

satellite observations

The change has been noticed through Observing the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites. Swarm polls not only determine the updated real-time status of columns, but also analyze their dynamics over time.

This type of measurement has been done since the mid-1960s. The Earth is a huge magnet whose field varies according to some conditions. It was therefore necessary to measure its differences in order to be able to predict future changes. This update is usually done every five years.

The magnetic north pole is moving very quickly

Since the first measurement was made in 1830, The North Magnetic Pole has covered a distance of 2,250 kmGradually increasing its speed from 15 to 50/60 km per year.

Graphical representation of the magnetic pole –

This pole is currently 350 km away from its counterpart, while the South Pole is about 2,800 km away. The former moves at a rate of about 37-72 kilometers per year, while the South Pole moves about 5-9 kilometers per year.

Well, according to Ingv, The North Pole will turn towards Siberia, having ceded the territory of Canada. This displacement was already known to scientists, thanks to the global magnetic model which is only the model used in terrestrial navigation. Confirmation came thanks to measurements from the Swarm satellite.

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Arctic and Antarctic

Domenico Di Mauro, researcher at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, He explained that the research team can determine the position of the magnetic poles as if measurements collected on Earth had been taken.

In fact, scientists have used procedures and algorithms for measurements that display data collected at high altitudes on Earth’s surface. This would be a kind of measurement used for the first time since explorations of Earth from space began.

Magnetic North Pole –

Notes note that The North Pole is moving towards Siberia at a speed of 37 to 72 km per year. In practical terms, it would be moving eight times faster than the South Pole, which is moving more slowly toward the open ocean.

What will happen?

doctor Stephanie Lebedy Researcher Ingv commented:

Magnetic poles correspond to points where the magnetic field is exactly vertical and moves in an unpredictable way“.

Naturally, many are wondering why the electrode is irregular. First of all, it is important to understand that the Earth’s outer core consists of at least one-fifth of liquid iron. Its rotational motions generate electric currents that create the Earth’s magnetic field and at the same time cause cyclical changes.

Monitoring these movements is very important in order to keep the navigation systems up to date. There can’t be much difference between the forecast and the real location, because for example there would be a risk of sending planes off course.

This data is actually included in, but not only, navigation systems, also in online maps that we also consult from our phones. Currently, researchers are also working to determine the reasons for this acceleration.

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One hypothesis would be a new pole reversal. Indeed, over the years it happened that due to the weakening of the magnetic field, the North Pole gradually moved towards the opposite hemisphere. At the same time there was a shift from south to north.

The second hypothesis instead tends to regard this phenomenon as being restricted exclusively to something local rather than to the magnetic field which is fully considered. Current measurements do not detect these anomalies in other regions of the world.


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