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Maranello’s team was very optimistic about a good start to the season, having performed well in the two pre-season tests.

In addition to the degree of confidence in your structure F1-75Team Manager Mattia Binottonotes that his analysis of pre-season testing has also provided some encouraging data about the performance of his power unit.

Although it will not be possible to make a final verdict until all engines in a rating have been started GP BahrainWhile the teams are hiding their testing potential, Binotto says the information his team got from the test data has been positive.

Speaking about the new engine for 2022, Binotto said: “Knowing that from this year the engines will be frozen for the next four seasons, it was clearly important to start with a power unit that has no performance differences from the competition.

“At the end of last season we had a difference of 20-25 hp, so the first objective was to finish that margin.”

“At the moment, we cannot understand the values ​​on the track, because the measurements we make with the GPS system have a certain accuracy, but they are not very accurate. The weight of the car also affects it, and without this data the estimation is difficult.

“When we are in the race weekend there are times, like qualifying and at the start of the race, when we know the weight of the competitors’ cars. But during testing, that data is clearly not available.”

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“Then there’s also the sliding flow effect, so you have to find rolls without outside influences.”

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“We usually wait three to four races to come up with a statistic, because the more data, the more correct a mean appears.”

“In the tests, out of the little we’ve seen, we’ve done one exercise and based on that initial analysis, we’re on par with the others. We’re definitely not behind them, and we probably have more.”

“But it is not a fixed result. We can only be satisfied that, for now, we have confirmed the progress seen on the test bed.”

In addition to being more upbeat about its engine, Ferrari’s new F1-75 appears to provide consistent lap times and is also fast.

And while Ferrari remains cautious about what’s possible for the Bahrain Grand Prix – especially with Max Verstappen being very fast on the last day of pre-season testing – Binotto admits he could be in the mix.

“I think we will be competitive at the end of next week, but today we cannot say whether we will be ahead or behind by twenty,” he said.

“Red Bull seemed very strong to me, for sure Max. So maybe one (Red Bull) will be ahead of us and one behind us, I don’t know.”

“But I think we will be at a level where we can compete, and if there is a gap, it will not be insurmountable. Let’s talk about the gaps that can still be covered after 4-5 races. A good starting point, but how good it is to be discovered” .


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