Purges and arrests begin.

Another purge, and possibly another arrest, reflects fears Russian President Vladimir Putin And put pressure on the bodies directly responsible for the failed campaign Ukraine. This time, the torpedo hit the leaders of the Russian National Guard, which Putin personally created in 2016, the historical heir of the “Internal Guard Corps” created by Tsar Alexander I in 1811, General Roman Gavrilov, deputy commander of Rosgovardia, allegedly arrested by the FSB (Security services of the Russian Federation, formerly the KGB), according to others only “removed from office”, accused of leaks and administrative excesses. The news was revealed by Christo Gruzef, investigative journalist for the website “Bellingcat”, which refers to three “independent sources”. Also, the exile, through the State Duma deputy, Alexander Heinstein, who considers the arrest an “absolute mistake” for him.

“Putin is in the mud and can no longer advance towards Kyiv”, here is why: an intelligence analysis

and exploded
Ura.ru newspaper limits itself to talking about “the dismissal” and cites anonymous sources “knowledge of the case”. It seems that Gavrilov was personally blown up by the director of the National Guard, and at least until the last few days by his friend Viktor Zolotov. Gavrilov is not a minor character. He was part of the bodyguards of Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev. If he is not one of the advocates of the “Magic Circle” of the Kremlin, then in any case he is a high-ranking official who has a connection with the elite of the Federation. It is No. 2 in Rosgvardia, a 380,000-unit military body that has jurisdiction, among other things, to protect the borders of the Russian Federation, internal public order, and is under Putin’s command. It can be compared with our carabinieri.

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It is one of the corpses that suffered the largest number of victims in Ukraine.
TASS has stressed, in recent days, that Rosgovardia units play a special role in the struggle to protect the transport network and vital infrastructure, including the Chernobyl and Zaporozhye nuclear power plants, which fell under the control of Moscow’s forces. Moreover, the department for which Gavrilov was in charge is active in military operations, maintenance of security and public order, defense against crime and looting in settlements “liberated”, in the words of TASS, from the presence of Ukrainian nationalists. It also escorts convoys of “humanitarian aid”. In practice, it operates as a military police.

A decision on the purge could only be taken on the recommendation or with the personal endorsement of Putin. Recently, Gavrilov’s leader, Zolotov, during a religious service with Moscow Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, admitted that the so-called special military operation in Ukraine “is not going as fast as expected.” Gavrilov is allegedly accused of “leaking military information that led to loss of life,” others said, “a pointless waste of fuel.”

high voltage
It could be a sign of growing tension in the Kremlin. The words of the president were very harsh: “Russia knows how to distinguish true patriots, and it will be purified and stronger: we must spit out traitors like midges.” The official news was never confirmed a few days ago about the arrest of Sergei Beseda and Anatoly Bulokh, chief and deputy of the 5th division of the FSB, which deals with the countries of the former Soviet Union and which had the task of providing the Kremlin with all the information about the resistance that the Russian battalions will face in Ukraine. Beseda also led the operations to keep pro-Russian President Yanukovych in the saddle in 2014, who was toppled in one night by the Euromaidan uprising. It is for this very reason that it has ended up among the recipient countries of the European Union’s sanctions.

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Observers are now trying to analyze Putin’s behavior, in particular the apparent fixation of distance in meetings with his closest aides. Wonderful photos and videos of some meetings with Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Gerasimov. The tsar knows he has to watch more from the palace lords than from the street demonstrations. Almost all his loyalists come from the services, some of them were at his side in Leningrad and accompanied him to Moscow. Shoigu is his friend and together they go hunting and fishing in Siberia. But cracks in the magic circle are manifested in the positions taken by her on social media, for example, by the wife and daughter of the speaker Peskov. Everyone remembers Putin’s tough show with the head of the foreign services, Sergei Naryshkin, stuttering before he sided with the decision to invade Ukraine.

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