Eine Frau rennt auf einen Tornado zu.

The weather effects for “Fortnite” were already announced at the beginning of Chapter 3, and now hurricanes and lightning have already found their way into the battle royale: Update 19.01 from January 11, 2022 introduced weather phenomena. In the usual way, these forces of nature are not serious accidents for players: using weather provides you with pleasant advantages.

Use tornadoes and lightning in Fortnite

Hurricanes circulate around a lot of debris, cars and of course users without causing any real damage. Therefore, they are well suited to serve as a kind of emergency exit when escaping from other users – they turn towards a hurricane, allow themselves to be sucked in and then slide away. If you want to cover longer distances in the air, but are traveling in a flat area of ​​the map, the Hurricane is a welcome starting point for your windsurfing tour.

In the meantime, lightning is at least somewhat harmful: if lightning strikes you, you will lose some health and burn out the environment. But what have dozens of superhero movies in the past few years taught you? right! Lightning makes the person hitting it lightning fast – a concept that “Fortnite” can’t miss. If you want lightning to strike you on purpose to increase speed, stand on top of a mountain or in a puddle of water – this will improve your chances.

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