Microsoft Flight Simulator offers models for Paris in an amazing way

In Update 4, Flight Simulator pays homage to France. The flight simulation game backed by Microsoft Azure servers and Asobo Studio’s know-how has dedicated its refinements to a more intense rebuilding of France and especially Paris, which takes advantage of more faithful 3D reconstruction.

DC and monuments are all scanned in 3D for Flight Simulator integration

DC and monuments are completely erased in 3D for Flight Simulator // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

Microsoft Flight Simulator It was really a breathtaking game with reconstructing the planet to fly over it. Over the course of updates, the teams of Asobo Studio, the game’s creator, are modifying the world around us detail by detail to make it more realistic. ” It’s a lifetime project Los Marshall Bossard, game producer. The game we’re trying to make necessarily evolves over time. An endless calendar awaits us. After every update, visual improvement, we’ll go back to refine the details. We know that. “

It should be noted that Update 4 that is published from Tuesday evening brings its share of new features and improvements, to the delight of French virtual pilots as they are mainly intended for tuning French landscapes, as well as those in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). You will be amazed!

She saw France from the sky like never before

“As with all Flight Simulator, we used all available technologies to improve the world and provide the most immersive experience possible,” David Didin, Creative Director at Asobo Studio explains. “It is important to present the most realistic navigation points possible for finding your way in the sky and for visual navigation. After that, it is also a pleasure for you to marvel at the world.”

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In total, more than a hundred buildings appear in their true form and more procedurally, just as Microsoft’s AI could have done when the game was launched in many locations. Designed in 3D look more realistic and accurate. A big gain, especially for effects that are no longer simply “amplified” satellite images to give volume. They are here as we know them.

In France, you can fly over the Lille Castle, the bridges of Normandy or Saint-Nazaire, the Mellau Bridge, as well as the slopes of Etretat, Pic de Midi, Château DF or the Royal Saltworks. et-Senans. Even the famous Fort Boyard, whose first French player slammed “flat terrain” like a satellite image, this time has the right to a sincere and majestic reproduction.

Boyar Castle

Fort Boyard // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

Mont-Blanc or the Pic du Midi can also be reached. This time, no more mountain peaks slightly rounded, as if you were lost over the volcanoes of Auvergne. Thanks to Machine learning And add data, along with artists’ work to refine the details, Flight simulator It manages to give thanks to the Alps and the Pyrenees with true rugged terrain, almost at scale. “We used many techniques to recreate beautyEarth “, Martial Bossard details. “We are bringing new and improved data including digital elevation map and pictorial scans in some places, like Paris. Microsoft has bought these images that come from airplanes flying over places and some kind of 3D scanning. This brings the ingenuity of the reconstruction.”

Amazing before / after Flight Simulator France

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Paris is greater than life

And with this update 4, Paris comes with an improved visually. “The entire capital was scanned by photogrammetry. The buildings are accurate and the ruins too.” , S’enthousiasme David Didin.Then the artists work on the details so that the Eiffel Tower looks more realistic with its special architectural elements. But it is present in relief, with its elements. Beaubourg also benefits. If you find your building, you will practically be able to see your window in the game! “

In the game, we discover the Grand Palais or even the Place de l’Étoile and the Arc de Triomphe more realistically than ever, all polished “by hand”. The banks of the Seine, Notre-Dame de Paris, which looks stunning in a pre-fire chandelier, or Sacré-Coeur give another glimpse of the city of light. However, do not look for the inner suburbs. The capital only benefits from HD 3D processing and part of La Défense. The rest of the neighboring towns are still visually improved.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris

Sacred Heart Church in Paris // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

So Paris takes advantage of the spotlight to make you forget your first vision of a small city apartment. Amsterdam is also benefiting from photogrammetry in this update, which also breathe new life into the landscapes of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is the other hotspot in France favored through modernization and handcrafted design, along with Rotterdam and Geneva airports. Runway accuracy, takeoff and landing logic, names and runways have been respected for added realism. Three placesIt offers a very specific approach to aircraftYou can land on the coast, in the middle of the mountains, or in a smaller space. About 100 other airports around the world are also benefiting from visual and logistical improvements, ”Martial Bossard explains.

UpdateMicrosoft Flight SimulatorAlready available to all PC players. However, the upcoming arrival of the console version remains a mystery. Too bad for Xbox players who can’t yet enjoy the visual wonders of the world designed by Asobo Studio and powered by Azure servers. We simply know that it only takes months – and without a doubt technology – for all future pilots to benefit. Meanwhile, the game continues to leverage the cloud to improve weather and map rendering for an increasingly ambitious game.

Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon in Microsoft Flight Simulator // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio


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