Groupe Blackpink. (Photo fournie par YG Entertainment. Revente et archivage interdits)

SEOUL, April 13 (Yonhap) – The K-pop girl group Blackpink now has more than 60 million subscribers to their YouTube channel, the world’s first for a girl or singer group. Blackpink overtook Ariana Grande last July in YouTube subscribers leaving only Justin Bieber (62.4 million) at the top.

According to an advertisement from his production company YG Entertainment, Blackpink YouTube had 60 million subscribers on Tuesday at 6 am. Since July 2020, the increase in subscribers has been evident. Eminem, Ed Sheeran, and DJ Marshmello were all over it.

“Justin Bieber’s subscriber count surpassed 60 million nearly 11 years after his YouTube channel was established, so Blackpink’s subscriber growth is impressive,” YG Entertainment explained, adding that “the spot in the head has entered a visible area.”

The K-pop girl who debuted in 2016 is known for the number of times their music videos have been viewed on YouTube. Among them, the video for the song “How You Like That”, released in June 2020, passed 800 million views last March. Last February, his music video “Ddu-du Ddu-du” surpassed 1.5 billion views. The value of “Kill This Love” has exceeded $ 1.2 billion.

YG pointed out that “(this growth) in the number of subscribers is evidence of the interest and hope of loyal fans and does not come from mere curiosity or a quick view of the content.

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