The Third Crusader Kings: The entourage left with the first expansion of the royal court

An interactive paradox Organizing this weekend for her PDXCON is reconstituted, A community event to watch online that allows the studio to reveal the many new features of the games in its catalog, with the same number. Fans were not disappointed Announcing the first major expansion of the Crusader Kings III.

Players already had the right to play mini-games DLC, Such as Northern Lords, But here is a real major extension called Royal Court. This additional content will open the courtyard gates and require players to manage the entourage., Troubadour, but also hall decoration. As the joke above reminds us, court men are cunning and will undoubtedly try to steal the crown, so be on the lookout. Here are the takeaway:

  • Throne room A visual representation of the court that reflects the majesty and prestige that the player’s bloodline has accumulated.
  • Sit on the court Subordinates and courtiers would come to seek the help of their master to solve their problems or to seek judgment.
  • A stately courtyard Wonderful decorations and abundance of food: sufficient to arouse jealousy among the Lord’s opponents and admire his esteemed guests.
  • Inspirational topics The most talented artists, craftsmen and thinkers in the known world will be able to work on new projects and enrich the player’s backyard with treasures and antiquities.
  • Multicultural kingdoms – The mixing of populations in large geographical areas will help to create hybrid cultures.
  • Adopting a new culture Sometimes it will be necessary to try something new to satisfy your ambitions.

An interactive paradox Indicates in passing it when exiting Royal CourtAnd the All players will be able to try a free update In particular, it will add court posts and a new cultural interface. The expansion does not have a release date yet, but you can find it Crusader Kings III to me € 36.99 in Games planet.

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