Devastating fires in Gironde, a thousand firefighters from 5 countries are working.  Macron immediately thanks Prime Minister Born -
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Ten thousand displaced people and about 7 thousand hectares of land are burning in the Gironde region, around Bordeaux. Doubts about the nature of the fire: According to the Prime Minister, it will be malicious

Fighting climate change, but also learning to live with its effects. The announcement that French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne pledged to the press and its citizens after rushing to it In the Gironde, in the southwest of the country, where pine forests have been ravaged by fire for days force Ten thousand people to flee their homes While most of the inhabited center had actually turned into a ghost village.

While More than a thousand among firefighters and civil protection men at work To curb the encroachment of the devastating fire, Bourne announced that it would undertake environmental planning itself from September to ensure France adapts to the new climate and to replace burned trees. Including an area of ​​6800 hectares burned by the flames that the firefighters identified as a monster. In the same area – famous for its wine production – a fire in July destroyed 15,000 hectares of forest.

From those same flames, which now seemed to lie dormant, emitted the spark that kindled the new fire. And the The weather in the past few weeks, with a series of heat waves drying out the soil and plants (at the end of the week the maximum can reach 40), created the conditions for the flames to spread again.. But more than one person suspects that the human hand is behind the new wave: Bourne herself spoke of possible criminal events linked to the fires, also given the brutality of what is happening This required unprecedented human intervention and means.

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On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron thanked the countries that sent fire brigades via Twitter To help put out the fires: Germany, Greece, Poland, and in the next few hours Romania and Austria: our partners come to help France cope with the fires. Thank you. European solidarity at work. For the evacuees from the burning areas, it is a moment of waiting and worry. Save all lives, save everything that can be saved, then rebuild: added the French president. Throughout our territory more than 10,000 firefighters and civil protection officers are mobilized against fire. And again: these soldiers of fire are our heroes. At these hours German firefighters are on their way to the affected areas in southwestern France; Further reinforcements for French firefighters will arrive from the rest of Europe.

August 11, 2022 (change: Aug 11, 2022 | 20:00)


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