Queen Elizabeth II ... Funeral and Vigil |  King Charles and William meet the crowd
From Online editorial, Enrica Rodolfo

Today’s news Saturday 17 September about the vigil of Queen Elizabeth

• I Funeral the Queen Queen Elizabeth II Scheduled for Monday, September 19th: General practice begins on Saturday, September 17th before dawn.
• Saturday 17 September eight grandchildren They will carry one vigilance Special. On the evening of Friday 16 September, it was the turn of the four children: King Charles III, Edward, Andrew and Anna, and they held a 15-minute vigil in Westminster.
• In London, infinity continues greeting To the Queen: in a row among those who want to salute her for the last time also the hero David Beckham.
• About 2 million people are expected to arrive in the city by Monday: The party is expected to have a global audience of 4 billion TV users.

4:09 pm – Lunch at Buckingham Palace in Windsor with the Rulers of the Commonwealth

(Enrica Rodolo, sent to London) Today for King Charles is a day of intense diplomatic outreach. After giving an audience at Buckingham Palace to the country’s military leaders running the astonishing organizing machine of ceremonies to bid farewell to Elizabeth, the first appointment in the afternoon is a meeting with the rulers of the Commonwealth of Nations, countries from Antigua to Tuvalu. Charles as well as Queen Camilla and new Prince of Wales William with Kate, and Prince Edward welcomed the two governors to the palace for lunch. Then, the King who now leads the Commonwealth will see (as expressed by the Queen’s wish), Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister who from the first hour has shown his personal love for the Queen and respect for the monarchy, but also the newly elected Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albani much less lenient on the subject. Make the move to the republic his campaign

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3:30 p.m. – Harry and Meghan are excluded from the state reception

(Paula de Caroles) Controversy is growing over the guest list at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: as foreign dignitaries begin to arrive in the British capital – among other things, not on planes, as Buckingham Palace proposed to cut emissions, but with military planes – from the pages of Guadian came with a heavy charge Concerning the presence of Mohammed bin Salman, the Emir of Saudi Arabia in London.

On the domestic side, meanwhile, Harry and Meghan were not invited from a Sunday evening reception at Buckingham Palace, which is dedicated to the royal family and foreign politicians: a spokesperson for the House of Windsor limited that dinner to only active members of the royal family.

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2:33 pm – King Charles and William meet people in line for the Queen

(Enrica Rodolo, sent to London) Thanks for being here, many handshakes. The sudden king appeared among the crowd queuing for hours. And people responded IpIp Hurra to our King Charles, holding hands to squeeze. In the long queue now 16 hours along the city to enter Westminster Hall where the Queen’s sarcophagus has been gathering since the days of silent salutations to the British and the world, the surprise of King Charles III arrived this morning. The king appeared without warning – assuring that in his reign we will often see changes in plans from the ceremonial – to thank the people. Intermezzo on a day designated for the court to receive foreign delegations, prior to Monday’s funeral. And before the Queen’s grandchildren awoke tonight in Westminster Hall.

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Carlo relaxed (after the tension of the last days), and was almost assured of the people’s devotion to his mother Elisabetta enough to withstand long lines. Everyone lined up to enter Old Westminster Hall and pass the coffin on the casket. One of them hints at a bow, while others bow their heads or make the sign of the cross. Each person has to have a personal matter related to his relationship with the Queen. And the crown. The imperial crown watches the royal standard that wraps the sarcophagus. The Crown Jeweler will follow that crown to Windsor on Monday, ready to get it back before Elizabeth is formally buried alongside her lover Philip.

10:50 AM – Pause for new arrivals in the queue

The accessible queue to honor Elizabeth II at London’s Westminster Hall – which has been in operation for days – is closed from 9am until noon local time (10am-1pm in Italy) and has a limited capacity. This was reported by the local authorities, and therefore many people still willing to honor the Queen’s coffin were asked not to attempt to arrive early. At the moment, the waiting list is limited to people with special needs only. Similar pauses were also set yesterday, to allow continuous flow management. Waiting in line again this morning calculated up to 24 hours.

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