Uber, Deliveroo... Challenging working conditions

Denial – Independent platform workers elect their union representatives starting Monday.

French exception. From Monday, May 9 through May 16, two-wheelers and VTC drivers are being called to the polls. The government has chosen not to equate platform workers (Uber, Deliveroo, Just Eat, etc.) with traditional employees, as Spain has done. Likewise, the Executive did not want to create a specific situation, as in the United Kingdom. To improve their working conditions and gain social rights, these self-employed people will have to undergo social dialogue and the election of representatives.

The stakes are high as their number has exploded, to the point where they account for the majority of jobs created in certain areas. 30% of small business registrations are now carried out in transportation and warehousing activities, a term that includes “home delivery,” compared to 2% in 2010. Two-thirds of innovations are under self-employed status.

According to INSEE, these hard-working…

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