Sallusti explodes with Pompeiani: “My spiritual fathers? What the hell is he saying?”

There was a loud clash of very high notes The Fourth Republic between Alessandro Sallusti And Ginevra Pompeani. While in the episode of Monday, October 16, newsBrussels attackwhere a man armed with a Kalashnikov rifle killed at least two Swedish fans who were on their way to attend their national team’s match, we talk about the situation in the Middle East and the region. Anti-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrations It was seen in many Italian and European arenas. “Suppression of freedoms fuels those freedoms. However, I do not want to live in a country where demonstrations praising the Holocaust are held in the name of freedom. There must be limits within which one must stay,” says the center’s director. Newspaper.

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Sallusti’s arguments stand in stark contrast to those of Bompiani, who believes that “these demonstrations make sense because what he did Netanyahu “It is much worse than what Hamas did.” He had previously accused Sallusti of this The “godfathers” of the “far-right”Statements that angered the journalist: “She’s a stupid woman, very stupid. I’m godfathers? What the hell are you saying?”, Slusti explodes. The writer and editor, for her part, do not take anything, on the contrary. rete 4 broadcast host, Nicholas BurrowTrying to calm things down, Sallusti calls for calm and criticizes Bompiani’s behavior: “We are talking about attacks. We cannot say that he has extreme right-wing spiritual fathers, it is…A terrible crime. It must be within the laws.”

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The situation returns to a normal level. Bright tones but without excess. Paolo MeliWho witnessed the clash wants to make one thing clear with Pompeiani: “Salusti is a good person; It does not have spiritual fathers like Hitler and MussoliniIf he has these things, I have them too. Likewise, you can’t say she’s an idiot because she’s not. “We are human beings, we can disagree,” says the former director of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, concluding the speech.


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