The refugee girl shouted by Merkel and the anti-Israel leaflet: A storm in Germany –

From our correspondent
BERLIN — It was The refugee girl who defeated the Germans, little Reem. She was Palestinian, arriving from Lebanon four years ago They chose her to speak with Chancellor Merkel at a school meeting. He spoke German well and explained that his father was unemployed because his residency had not been extended after 4 years. The advisor replied: “The procedures must be changed. We cannot wait that long.” But he also added: “Not everyone will be able to survive.”. 14-year-old Reem faces the possibility of her family being expelled and her life in Germany ending. She burst into tears, forcing the astonished Merkel to come closer (“Oh com», Come on) and console her.

It’s a video that – back in 2015 – we’ve all seen, that was not only filmed in Germany, but went viral globally. Many sympathized with the little refugee, who with her sudden tears became a symbol for many who came.

Reem is now 22 years old and has obtained German citizenshipand just posted on Instagram A post saying #FreePalestine #From_the_River_to_Sea. Not only that, but she added it to be more clear Original map of Palestine: which does not include the borders of Israel.

There can be no naivety in what Reem posted, because there is no ambiguity in Germany about what #from_river_to_sea means, that is. Denial and abolition of the State of Israel. The Al-Ghazi football player was expelled from the Mainz team, which was founded by Jews, and his contract was terminated, because he published the same slogan. When looking at the map, it is clear to read and does not allow you to resort to ambiguity. There are countless different ways to show solidarity and closeness to the people of Gaza, and to the pain of your people – as in the case of the Palestinian Reem – without demanding that Israel disappear.

But in general, The little girl who was the face of refugees risks becoming a symbol of their plightOr almost impossible in some ways Fusion. That came in years Angela MerkelWith the great wave of 2015-2016 (but even before that), it often brings with it from the Middle East a history of deep anti-Israel, and often anti-Semitic, prejudices and teachings. These are not individuals: nearly two million newly arrived refugees (plus 4 million of Turkish origin, more secular) have reproduced their communities in Germany, which They ignore Nazi history and the deep bond that links this country to Israel. They do not (re)acknowledge the responsibility – and the shame – that Germans feel towards the Jewish people, too often They have no interest in sharing or understanding this strange reframing and condemnation of their past.


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