“You are so blurry, completely mysterious.” Lily Gruber infuriates Giuseppe ConteLeader 5 star movement In obvious difficulty in the studio a half past eight on La7. We’re talking about Francewith televised fencing between Emmanuel MacronThe outgoing and defiant president Marine Le Pen, right. Perhaps the decisive standoff in light of Sunday’s presidential election run-off, Gruber asks the former prime minister who would take one side: “If I were the leader of a French party, I would certainly give a French party. I would certainly give an explanation. They voted, but I am the leader of an Italian party.”

Lilli Gruber presses Conte on Macron Le Pen: watch the video on Otto e mezzo

Conte thinks he can save himself from a corner kick with a sly smile and a tight dribble. The embarrassment is clear, given that although he is back to the left of center, lawyer and captain Greerino has sung the praises of his leadership. National Assemblyable to gather the voices of protest from the less privileged and underrepresented classes.

However, Gruber does not appreciate the answer in the Combat-Lilli version. He looks around, evokes bewilderment and scolds his guest: “Well, no, Sorry so no... , sorry, this is … “.” Deep disappointment,” he shook his head Massimo Gianniniboss press Connecting. “But between Macron and Le Pen you have no doubts, right? It’s very simple, you are the leader of a big party. Excuse me…” Gruber urges. Conte stammered more and more: “Compared to Le Pen, our policies are far, I have only said that …”. “What are you doing Melenchon In France – laughs the hostess – is it hard to tell the two apart? she is utterly mysterious In this, they represent two completely different worlds. We note that the leader of the Five Star Movement is not taking a stand.”

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