She christened this “I Love You” concert, the first official tribute to Johnny Hallyday in Paris since the singer’s funeral in December 2017. From 9:05 p.m. to France 2 Louane, Calogero, Patrick Bruel, or even Jad Elmaleh all under Musical direction by Evan Kassar, Yarol Bouboud and former producer of star Jean-Claude Camus.

So this meeting was eagerly awaited by the fans but also by all the viewers. Mouse has to admit that last night was a flurry of negative reactions on social networks, as this party seemed to lack not only relevance, but action as well. We had the regular impression that some singers detect songs with their eyes fixed on the teleprompter. Between songs, some downtime was heavy, and Michelle Drucker who was at the start of the show disappeared at the beginning of the concert.

As for the technical problem, it built up during the first hour and even from the first minute with Patrick Bruel walking on stage with a microphone that obviously didn’t work.

To this, we must add the absences of David Hallyday and Laura Smit who were not compensated by doubling the close-up shots on Laetitia, the co-organizer of this event …

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