Missed the TV?  This extreme cannibal shocker is also available in the stream

You need strong nerves for this movie. In the Amazon stream, you can see what happens when cravings flare up – coming of age with a difference.

Just last year, French director Julia Ducornu won the Palme d’Or at Cannes with the impressive body horror film Titane. Five years ago she had already acted in a side section with her first feature film, “Raw”. Until then, the horror film had caused quite a stir: it was not uncommon for audiences to faint and feel ill at public movie screenings or premieres. What appeared to be intentionally spreading rumors as part of a clever marketing strategy was actually very dangerous for some moviegoers, such as among others. The Hollywood Reporter mentioned.

But what caused the strong physical reactions and feelings of disgust caused by the upcoming horror drama?

Not for the faint of heart: In “Raw” the main character becomes a cannibal

“Raw” tells the story of student Justin (cool: Garance Marillier), who has actually been a strict vegetarian since childhood. During her university admission rites, she was finally forced to eat a rabbit’s kidneys and since then has become an irrepressible craving for raw human meat. In order to satiate her hunger, Justin is ready to cross all borders and does not stop at those around her…

The trailer gives you first impressions of Ducournau’s daring stage:

If you want to impress yourself with the provocative and very deep story of a young student searching for her own identity, you can borrow or buy the root work on Amazon in-stream. Note that this is the original version, which you can also view with German subtitles.

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In addition to “Raw,” you can also rent or buy Julia Ducournau’s latest work “Titane” on Amazon

Sometimes you have to be prepared for horrific and disturbing images. Even if the bloody scenes don’t have the upper hand, eating raw meat alone can elicit feelings of anxiety and disgust, which in turn explains the violent reactions during movie shows. Anyone who also takes a look at the meta-level in “Raw” will also be able to deal with minor dramatic weaknesses and appreciate Ducounau’s clever way.

Anyone who has tasted “Raw” after watching “Raw” will find more horror movie tips on this topic in our gallery:

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