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BA Dominic and nominees Jana Maria, Neil and Anna © RTL + / RTL / Screenshot / instagram.com / bachelor.rtl

Warning, spoiler alert! The Bachelor gave Dominic Stockman his last rose. But who is his sweetheart now? On RTL+, TV fans can see who the 30-year-old has picked before broadcasting. But is the winner happy with the decision?

Mexico – The Bachelor fans have had to wait for this moment for weeks – and now it’s airing on RTL+ in advance of Wednesday, March 23. Bachelor Dominic gave the last rose! It was a journey full of emotions. But how did the 30-year-old decide?

Who won the bachelor’s heart?

In the past few weeks, 22 women have fought not only for the last rose, but also for the heart of Bachelor Dominic Stockman. Through several group or one-on-one dates, the 30-year-old wanted to know which lady would really suit him – and who wouldn’t.

Anna received the last rose from Dominic's bachelor's degree
Anna received the last rose from BA Dominic © Screenshot / gala.de / stars / news (end RTL +)

In the grand finale, Jana Maria and Anna were ahead of The Bachelor’s Dominic. It was also a long journey for the 30-year-old to get to this point. Did he choose the right lady? Some TV fans commented in an official Instagram post from the show that apparently SHE was the winner.

Spoiler: On RTL+, fans can already see who got the last rose from Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann

Anna gets the last rose from The Bachelorette! Right before he gives her the last rose, he would like to say a few more sentimental words to her: “I am lying in bed at night thinking of you. Let me tell you that I really love you madly and that I would be glad if you accepted this very last rose and started a new chapter with me. I am absolutely sure of I made the right decision.”

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Bachelor fans commented on the finale on the show's official Instagram account
Bachelor’s fans commented on the finale on the show’s official Instagram account © Screenshot / instagram.com / bachelor.rtl

Obviously, Anna is also happy with Dominic’s decision. She smiled on her face and also confirmed that she fell in love with him. In past episodes, fans of The Bachelor were pretty sure that Jana Maria would get the last rose from him.

Sources used: TV episode “The Bachelor” (RTL +) instagram.com/bachelor.rtl


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