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Lawyer Anna Maria Polo Known all over the world for hosting “Caso Closure” for several years, which became one of Telemundo’s most successful productions, she drew attention to her birthday wish that she had requested.

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success also known as “Dr. PoloIt started when she was hosting.Case closed”, a program where the lawyer whose purpose was to analyze the cases and complaints that the members of the committee arrived at and made a final decision.

Thus the program became one of the most watched in the United States, by signal Telemundo and reached other Latin American countries where it was also well received.

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However, 2019 was the last year for the show.Case closed“Under the leadership of”Dr. PoloAfter several seasons.

Ana María Polo on “Caso Closure” the show that brought her world fame (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)

Christmas Wishes From Ana Maria Polo, Captain of “Casso Cerrado”

Christmas is a very special date that unites all people, traditionally marked by the fact that people receive certain gifts. At this time, many also express their most heartfelt wishes.

In this sense, theDr. PoloHe was no exception and from his home in Miami he showed up with his siblings Alina and Jack and a group of friends. over there Anna Maria Polo He made a strange wish in an interview with the newspaper .

“lamI asked Santa that if he had the power to end an epidemic, then somehow we could all unite as humankind and work with science to cure this disease that has somehow paralyzed us and changed our character.Happy Doctor Polo.

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Anna Maria Polo has traveled for many years "Case closed" (Photo: Anna Maria Polo/Instagram)
Anna Maria Polo has led Case Closed for many years (Image: Anna Maria Polo/Instagram)

But this was not the only wish expressed by the lawyer who became famous for “Case closed“.

“eI ask Santa with all his love and compassion to help us work together to get out of this and at least free ourselves from one of the many complex situations we are currently facing.‘, I note.

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What does Christmas mean for Anna Maria Polo?

Anna Maria Polo As you judged what the meaning of birthday How do you celebrate it with your loved ones?

For me, Christmas means the remembrance of my religious principles and the birth of Jesus Christ (…) This time should not be based so much on gifts and decorations, but on taking advantage of the opportunity to meet people I don’t. I don’t see much during the year to talk about how our lives went and what we learned‘, I note.

He notes that it is part of his memories that he met his family and sang his father on those dates. As part of Dr. Polo’s dinner, she used to eat roast pork, white rice, as well as black beans, and yucca with mojo, among other foods.

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Anna Maria Polo posts a photo of her teenage girl and rocks social networks (Photo: Anna Maria Polo / Instagram)
Anna Maria Polo posts a photo of her teenage girl and rocks social networks (Photo: Anna Maria Polo / Instagram)


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