Understand all about Sytral's reorganization project that is straining unions

What will the future organization of the public transport network in Lyon look like by 2025? The project, conceived by Sytral, raises concerns. Starting with trade unions. And while a new strike day is scheduled for Thursday, the “allocation” scenario will be presented to the elected Citral vote.

This project plans to delegate the operation of the network, currently entrusted to Keolis Private Corporation, in the form of two lots. One will combine “heavy modes of transport”, namely metro, funicular, tram (including Rhônexpress), infrastructure management and security for ten years. The other will cover buses and coaches for six years.

30 years of monopoly Keolis

“Keolis has had a monopoly for 30 years now. Inevitably, habits are created. There is little innovation and the impression that we are resting on our laurels. Relationships are becoming difficult,” said Judge Bruno Bernard, President of Sytral who wants to bring “competition” into the game to wake the girl sleeper. Or find better. Bidding will be conducted at the European level. Both batches can be managed by the same operator. Targeted by critics, Keolis will be able to apply for his succession, provided he improves his copy.

“The aim is to create a unified network, to strengthen the management of the regulating authorities for mobility, and to have a healthy competition,” defines Bruno Bernard. But unions remain skeptical. “Why break what works? Examples of privatization in other European cities of equivalent size to Lyon’s network have shown no improvement in service to users, quite the opposite. This is more costly for communities and deprives them of benefiting from economies of scale,” they jointly responded to CGT and CFDT Where the “efficiency” of Keolis is well established.

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A social base to guarantee the benefits and rights of employees

“This reorganization will not change anything for users or employees. Bruno Bernard promised that competition would not be played on their backs, referring to the creation of a ‘social base.’ In other words, it is about ensuring that employees retain their wages, rights and social benefits.” Future delegate this is the minimum rule, the contract will be broken,” warns Sytral’s strongman.

These ads appear to have appeased some employees. 350 will be on strike on Thursday, compared to 1,100 last month. But they do not reassure the unions. “There is nothing legally that can guarantee the current social status and even less that makes it possible to harmonize the social status of employees of the various operators in the event of an assignment,” the reply to the CGT and CFDT continued, calling on elected representatives of Sytral to vote against this deliberation.


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