All you need to know about Home Run Derby X in Mexico City

The MLB returns to Mexico And in an amazing way, since Home Run Derby X It will allow us to enjoy an unforgettable event. No matter what happens on the diamond, this will mark the fusion of stars from baseball, other sports, and even regions.

Rodrigo FernandezMLB Mexico Director presented the Home Run Derby X with all the details that will make it unmissable. Here we tell you the date, venue, and stars that will make up the party.

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When and where will Home Run Derby X be held?

CDMX will welcome former players and celebrities afterwards October 15 2022 and Home Run Derby X will take place in Mars field. But besides watching baseball action, this will be a great experience.

Baseball doesn’t have to be played on the field, but anywhere. It will be a different form of competition, There will be a festival, virtual experiences, commerce; The event will be for 6 hoursRodrigo Fernandez explained. He also revealed that the regular season matches will return to Mexico in 2023.

All you need to know about Home Run Derby X in Mexico City
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Which MLB stars and celebrities will take the bat?

Giovanni Soto, Nick Swisher and Adrian Gonzalez They will represent the Cubs, Yankees and Dodgers. We’ll see too Johnny Gomezthe world champion with Boston in 2013 who, by the way, did the “Tour del Taco” that you’ll soon enjoy on

For celebrities, we also have to talk about athletes. gymnast Daniel Coral and Stefania Arradillas, the Olympic softball selected, will accompany the MLB superstars. Yoongi Kwak, Spencer Owen, Liv Cook and Ashton Landsell will also attend the conference.

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And to complete the Home Run Derby X lineup, the rookie who will emerge from the Small tournaments.

All you need to know about Home Run Derby X in Mexico City

MLB Mexico has more surprises stomach

Home Run Derby Party X will reach new levels with Guest artists and the gastronomy that deserves to participate in the World Championships. However, little by little MLB Mexico will tell us more details.

And if you are one of those people who do not want the world to miss out on them, you will have to monitor their social networks while JulySo you’ll know when to buy your tickets. Currently, between 8,000 and 10,000 people are expected to attend the event.


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