They drilled a hole to rob KFC;  They take money and stuff

– 4 hours ago

They drilled a hole to rob KFC; Money and goods are taken; The robbery happened overnight.

Chihuahua – they made a hole to rob KFC; Money and goods are taken; The robbery reportedly took place on Saturday night.

Lovers of others dug a hole to steal a Kentucky fried chicken in Chihuahua; They plundered well.

A robbery was recorded at the KFC branch on Saturday night; Fuentes Mares and Nueva are located on España Avenue.

The attackers drilled a hole in a wall at the back of the compound to enter; Captures various items.

After the complaint, police officers came to look into the complaint; Informing the attorney’s office about the robbery.

Agents were concentrated in the area to investigate the robbery; It also reviews security videos to try to identify potential thieves.

Those who wanted the material of others made a good hole to infiltrate and expropriate property; And grab the loot.

Thieves took money and goods from the business; The amount stolen, however, was not specified.

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