Wall Street closes the mix and the Dow Jones is up 0.36%

Wall Street closed mixed yesterday and its key indicator, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, rose 0.36%, signaling a new fall in key cryptocurrencies in a single day, mainly affecting technology. At the end of the session on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones rose 123.69 points to 34,207.84; The S&P 500 was down 0.08% or 3.26 points at 4,155.86.

The Nasdaq hybrid index, listed by major technology companies, fell 0.48% or 64.75 points to 13,470.99.

The IHS said applications for unemployment benefits fell weekly and expanded to record figures of production activities and services in May. New York beauty engraving is still green, according to data released by Markit.

However, gains from noon were moderate when it became known that China would take drastic measures against cryptocurrency mining and its trade to protect the financial system.

Bitcoin, which has fallen more than 12% of the major cryptocurrencies created mainly in this Asian country, or Ethereum, which has lost 17% of its value, have affected technology.

On a sectoral basis, finance (0.9%), public services (0.54%) and industrial (0.43%) outperformed essential commodities (-0.59%), technology (-0.52%) and communications, respectively. (-0.28%) are most affected.

Of the 30 people listed in the Dow Jones, Apple (-1.47%) led the losses, followed by Cisco (-0.79%), Merck & Co (-0.6%), Salesforce (-0.53%) and Microsoft (-0.53).

The best results were Boeing (3.15%), Goldman Sachs (1.8%) and JPMorgan (1.14%).

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