In the United States, more than 150 million drugs of the corona virus vaccine have already been administered. In New York, people over the age of 30, the former global hub of the epidemic, have been eligible for the vaccine since Tuesday, March 30 without exception. However, Contaminants continue to rise In the country, + 13% in recent days. “The vaccine is extraordinary, but nothing has won,” recalls American expert and author Jean-Eric Brana. Joe Biden: The man who needs to fix America.

Mobilized across the country, But as far as Jean-Eric Prana is concerned, “Donald Trump was criticized for not taking it and they were finally put on hold” which allowed this massive vaccine above all else. Among these measures are: declaring a state of emergency, establishing the FEMA emergency relief system, deploying the army responsible for logistics, or even mobilizing stadiums to be converted into massive vaccines.

That was the intention of the US governmentGive 100 million doses of vaccine in 100 days. Just eighty days after taking office, the Biden administration has finally reached the 150 million people who have been vaccinated. Several months after announcing that the virus would “magically disappear”, Donald Trump’s bet to put billions of dollars on the table was a success.

The most famous biden on infection management

Jean-Eric Brana explains that with the success of the vaccine, the United States has “returned a great deal to us.” Joe Biden’s popularity rating is about 54%, but It reached 72% for the vaccine component and the fight against infection. “Americans are happy,” he continues, referring to “a national work beyond one-sided borders.”

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