Poison madness: This is what Putin does

Then it’s all true: what the ex-French spy told us there was a plan to kill put it in, finds clear confirmation in the fact that the Russian president no longer trusts anyone, not even his closest and most chosen collaborators, who even a month ago changed them by expelling about a thousand people (from cooks to bodyguards), who took care of his daily personal and professional needs, and replaced them A new set of assistants. fear of existence Poisoning It is so strong that before eating it allows those around it to taste the food.

Putin’s “tasteers”

According to the English newspaper Daily BeastPutin also has “gourmets” at his disposal, i.e. the tasters Characters who are not a novelty closely related to the conflict in Ukraine and fear of killing but who have already embraced it in the past: in practice, he makes them taste any dish before he eats it himself, so that they are safe from any doubt. As mentioned, last month he replaced the “old” character with a new one but the practice seems to embrace it regardless. “Laundries, secretaries, cooks… Now he has a whole new group of people. The intelligence estimate is that he’s afraid‘, reports Daily Beast.

The “art” of Russian poisoning

As noted in the book “The Royal Art of Poison” Vladimir Putin “.He is the only known global leader who employs a personal food taste as the kings of the past did“The Middle Ages and the Renaissance were a period in which it was”bubble“Out of the many poisons. Without exaggerating the past, Alexander Litvinenko (former KGB agent) was killed in 2006 by radioactive particles of polonium-210, a million times more lethal than cyanide. Let’s not forget that Putin was also going to order the poisoning of his biggest enemy at home. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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Deputy Director Gavrilov was arrested

As evidence that Putin does not trust even his own shadow, he first dismissed and then arrested the deputy commander of Russia’s National Guard (Rosgvardia), General Roman Gavrilov who previously served in the President’s Protection Service (FSO), like Viktor Zolotov, number one in Rosfvardia, a body that was Established in 2016 submits its reports to the President in the “Special operation in Ukraine“He would have suffered heavy losses. One of the sources explains that Gavrilov was arrested by the Russian counterintelligence department of the FSB because of”Escape from Information Military, which resulted in loss of lifeAccording to other sources, the arrest would have occurred because of “Waste of fuel“.


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